our story


"It was a beautiful sunny day and when we drove over the Destin bridge the sight was breathtaking. Before we even got off the bridge we knew we would come here to live."

Luther & Donna Rhodes are as Destin local as it gets. They moved here in 1969 after Luther spent 13 years in the US Army. Drawn in be the emerald coast, they knew this would be their home. What they didn't know was that their business would become one of the most long lasting and successful businesses in Destin. 

Luther was blessed with natural talent and incredible passion for repairing just about anything with an engine, while Donna is an incredibly sharp business mind and most excellent manager.

Together they founded Rhodes Auto Repairs in 1973, and 44 years later, it is as vibrant as ever. 

Now their son and grandson also are a part of the shop and are not only carrying on the well-known name, but also the famously outstanding service.

44 Years. 3 Generations. We Really Love Cars.